Khon Kaen: city of lakes, temples… and workouts galore!

The melodious notes of a patriotic Thai song rang out over a loudspeaker as I made my way down a narrow residential street, past brilliantly colored flowers, rows of drying laundry, and the occasional napping dog.  After a seven hour bus ride from Bangkok, I had made it to Khon Kaen, a northeastern city in the Isan region of Thailand.  I had been here all of 15 minutes, but I liked it already.

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A morning at Wat Pho

It was only eight in the morning, but I could already feel the sun’s heat blazing through my white linen shirt as I made my way towards Wat Pho, a royal temple situated just past the Bangkok Royal Palace.  Darting across multiple intersections as horns honked and motorbikes weaved between buses, I dismissed the tantalizingly fresh mangoes and mysterious sizzling smells wafting from the nearby market and joined the throngs of people moving slowly towards the towering royal buildings.   Continue reading “A morning at Wat Pho”